▪️ How do I Select the Size I need? 
Order a Sizing Sample Kit to ensure the perfect fit or Refer to our sizing chart.
▪️ How long will the Nails last? 
Using Nail Tabs, the Nails can last 1 to 5 days.
Using Nail Glue can last 3 weeks.
See Application Steps
(tip: great application = longer wear).
▪️ Are Press-Ons reusable? 
Yes! when using Nail Tabs & Glue if properly removed.
**See Removal Steps for Glue Application.
Suggested for removing glue from Tips, buy a cheap electric nail file. To gently buff away any build-up of glue on the back of the nails. Light etching to the back of the nail prior to application will extend the wear time as well.
▪️ What nail glue do you recommend?
A Professional High Quality nail glue!
Such as KDS nail glue, IBD five second nail glue or DASHING DIVA fast bond nail glue.
▪️ Can I replace a lost nail?
Yes. CLICK HERE to order your replacement nail. 
▪️ What happens if the nails I purchase do not fit? 
Each order is custom-made, and we are not held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. To avoid, we suggest you order a sizing kit for the perfect fit or follow our sizing chart.
▪️ Are the nails durable?
Yes, our nails are created with professional gel polish. Sets are secured with a hard gel topcoat. Each nail set is created with layers to ensure durable & wear. 
▪️ How do I place an order for custom designs?
Visit our Luxury Custom Orders Page. This will allow you to chat with our team about your ideas, and inspiration to create a custom freestyled set. Thank You for choosing CUSTOM PRESS. We value our customers, and ensure each design is custom to you.
**We do not duplicate or re-create work from other artists.***We are open to putting a twist on any idea. We may respectfully decline if the style does not work with Our aesthetics. 
▪️ How many nails come in each set?
Custom press sets includes 12 nails, 10 nails in your selected size with 2 additional chosen nails.
A full set option particularly comes with 24 nails.
▪️ What comes with my order?
All orders receive a mini nail file, cuticle (wood stick) pusher, two mini buffers, alcohol prep pad, application and removal instructions, nail tabs, and nail glue.
▪️ How long will it take for my Nails to Arrive?
Orders are shipped immediately after Nail Set Completion. Your orders speed of arrival determines depending on your selected shipping option.
Priority allow 2-3 business days, and 1 business day for Priority Express.
▪️ How long does it take to design my custom Nail Set?
Custom Press Current *Turn Around Time* is estimated 2+ weeks. ALL *Turn Around Time* is used on custom designing.
Depending on the size of the order, order may arrive early. Please allow extra time for Larger Orders. We ensure a Prompt Delivery.
▪️ Are All the NAILS made?
YES! Custom Press -nail sets are ALL Handmade by Temeka Jackson!  
▪️ Can I purchase a set already made?
Preset Nail Sets are Custom  Pre-Designed Nail Sets Ready to Ship.
Please allow 3 to 5 business day shipping.